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EMC Testing

Test Site Services and PRAC, LLC Now Offering Seamless



 EMC and Safety Compliance



Test Site Service, Inc (TSS) and Product Risk Assessment Consultants, LLC (PRAC) have formed a Strategic Partnership offering electrical product manufacturers state-of-the-art Global Compliance Planning, Design Review, Testing, Certification and Continued Compliance Services that are seamlessly integrated.  Our customer focused, Integrated Compliance Service offers the key to Global Market Access for EMC, Safety and RoHS Compliance.  With More than 30 years of EMC industry experience and 18 years of UL global safety experience, our coordinated team can assist with all aspects of product development to ensure a cost effective, fast and precise global product launch.  Experience Compliance Engineering Excellence.



 EMC Testing and Certification Services                Safety Testing and Certification Services

-Emissions and Immunity Testing                     -Global Test and Certification Planning  

 -Preliminary Design Reviews                            -Preliminary Design Review/Mitigation

 -Global Access Planning                                  -Project Management for submittals to 
                                                                       UL, CSA, ETL, TUV and VDE 

-State of the Art Facilities                                 -Preliminary Testing  

-Largest Temperature Controlled,                       - Board Spacing and X-Former Construction
10-Meter OATS in New England                          Design Assistance
-Emissions Testing; 16ft., 10,000 lb.                  - On-site Engineering Training
Capacity; Immunity Testing; 8.2ft;                         
5000 lb. Capacity; 100A, 3Phase                      -On-site Engineering Training


Sign for seamless mitigation that considers all facets of EMC and safety compliance design.  Don’t get caught mitigating for EMC compliance only to learn that the safety agency approvals will be impacted.  Our precise understanding of regulatory compliance will steer you from expensive board layout and mechanical construction changes.  Integrated programs are coordinated with Degreed Engineer Project Management.

For more information you can contact Test Site Services, Inc. at (508) 634-3444.




Global EMC Experts                                      Global Safety Experts                                          

Test Site Services, Inc.                                  Product Risk Assessment Consultants, LLC

30 Birch Street                                              464 New Boston Road

Milford, MA 01757                                          Candia, NH  03034

(508) 634-3444                                               (603) 587-0289                       


Test Site Services, Inc. has been offering EMC testing services for more than 18 years with leadership industry experience that spans more than 3 decades.   This knowledge provides the manufacturer with the unique understanding of the science of EMC testing and global access.

PRAC, LLC has close to two decades of Regulatory Compliance Engineering experience.  Their senior member has worked both in the start-up commercial environment as well as for Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL) for 18 years.  This knowledge provides a unique blend of assisting manufacturers to design for compliance as well as streamlining the submittal process.


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