PRAC,  LLC was formed in January 2008 with the specific mission to assist  electrical equipment manufacturers to develop regulatory compliant  products for global market access. Founder and Product  Risk Assessment Consultant, Vincent Sylvester has more than 25 years of  Global Product Regulatory Experience working for Underwriters  Laboratories, Inc. (UL) in the Hi-Tech product sectors helping  manufacturers accomplish Global Market Access.   Since PRAC's  inception we have successfully assisted manufacturers in the Hi-tech,  Appliance, Industrial and Medical Industries to obtain NRTL and CE  Compliance.

Vincent’s  expertise is to simplify the compliance process by designing-in  conformance during the concept, design and development stages of product  manufacturing. This pre-emptive service considers all  aspects of compliance engineering including Safety (e.g. UL, CSA, TUV,  ETL, CE), Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), FCC, Network Equipment  Building Systems (NEBS) and the Restriction of Hazardous Substances  (RoHS).   

Vincent  has in-depth experience with many small and large manufacturers around  the world testing and Listing their products to UL and global standards. His  more than 25 years of experience has enabled him to streamline this  process through understanding the quoting, preparation, submittal, test  and report process of certification.

With PRACs location 275 miles away from UL in Melville, NY the process  can be easily managed.  PRAC is also located 60 miles from TUV and ETL. 

Vincent  holds a Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering from SUNY  Farmingdale and a Master of Technology in Management from New York  University - Polytechnic School of Engineering.